Leonardo DiCaprio rides an electric bike in NY (Stromer)

Leonardo DiCaprio is at the forefront of clean mobility, having been one of the first customers to receive its Fisker Karma, he has recently been spotted in the streets of New York along with Blake Lively ride a Stromer electric bike.


The Stromer electric bikes are made in Switzerland, they combine slick design and practicality with their removable battery placed in the frame.
Launched three years ago by Thomas Bingelli under the brand Thömus the brand expansion quickly went beyond the Swiss borders and the company got overwhelmed by demand.

“We had two possibilities, either look for investors, or sell [the e-bike division] to a larger company that could realise its global growth potential,” T. Binggeli 

On November 9th was announced the acquisition of Thomus’s Stromer division by ISH Holding (which also owns BMC) and Bingelli is named CEO and now owns 30% of ISH. 
Stromer will now be able to expand under optimal conditions in Europe and internationally.

This little push by Leo is likely to help sales across the Atlantic...

Recently, a shop based in New York, NYCE Wheels proposed a test of the Stromer
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