Shanghai 2012: reveal of Daimler/BYD joint venture electric concept-car (BDNT)

Joint venture called BDNT for BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd. it has been created to develop compact and medium size (up to D-Segment) electric vehicles.

Based in Shenzhen, BDNT chose the Shanghai Motor Show to unveil the brand identity, logo and positioning, the lines of its future models, but also the brand's name that has not been officially revealed yet...

Owned 50/50 by both companies, this is a crucial reveal for Daimler and BYD… It should enable them to enter the local market. Therefore we expect that they will hit hard to ensure their development on the EV market in China.

DBNT is announced as the best technological know-how from BYD combined with Daimler’s quality standards.

Launched in 2010, the synergies are taking shape with the acceleration of vehicle development and the production of first prototypes whose initial tests are planned for next summer and the commercialization of a production model in 2013.

The Shanghai Auto Show will open its doors in March
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