Exclusive: electric Porsche, an eRuf Roadster for sale in Switzerland

If you are a wealthy men who likes exclusivity and that you are looking for a green sports-car, we just found your ideal vehicle.

Here is one of the only units of the eRuf, a convertible Porsche 997 redesigned and electrified by Ruf, to our knowledge apart from some for test vehicles, only Alois Ruf had the chance to ride with one of them.
Ruf has been working on the electrification of Porsche models for some years. They built some serious experience in this filed, driven by a partnership with Siemens, they developed three powertrains based on their Ruf Roadster (with its beautiful aluminum strip that recalls the 911 Targa from the 70’s) offering different performances:
The first version receives two motors (eRuf 2 motor), the second 4 and the last one also 4 but combined to a torque vectoring technology.

With 340hp announced this sample is a 4 motor, however it is unclear if this is the version with torque vectoring or not.
This new eRuf is listed at € 325,000, it is more expensive than a Tesla Roadster Sport or a Venturi Fetish, but an electric Porsche by Ruf is priceless!

It's the first edition of the find of the week, we'll be scanning the web for you in search of the most beautiful or original green cars. 

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