(VIDEO) Green news from Seat ! (Electric + Twindrive)

SEAT announced yesterday on a special press conference that the brand was working on an all-electric vehicle for 2015. The car will be fully designed, developed and built in Spain.

Meanwhile, Seat unveiled two prototypes, the Altea XL Electric Ecomotive, an Altea fitted with an all-electric powertrain offering zero emission driving. The second prototype presented was the Leon Ecomotive TwinDrive which is a "plug-in hybrid". SEAT said that some of these vehicles will be available for local authorities, in order to study the market's expectations both in terms of technology and ease of use.

Seat-Leon_Twin_Altea_Elec (2).jpg

The Altea XL Electric Ecomotive has a range of about 135km, the engine produces 115hp and 270nm of torque, top speed is limited to 135kph. The batteries are placed under the boot so there is no loss of space in the cabin, additionally, Seat uses regenerative braking and a roof fitted with photovoltaic cells to recover energy for air conditioning  for example.

The second prototype is the Seat Leon Ecomotive TwinDrive, a concept that combines a zero-emission vehicle with with full electric capability and a highly efficient combustion engine. In electric mode the TwinDrive has a range of 52km with a top speed of 120kph, combined, both engine can achieve a consumption of 1.7 l/100km which is equivalent to an average of 39grams of CO2 per km, top speed is announced at 170kph.

Via Seat / Article by H. Le Flanchec
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