Tokyo 2011: Honda will exhibits its talent for innovation with 7 electric vehicles

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will unveil a series of concepts that envisions its future vehicles and new directions for the brand.

Among this range we have selected five:

- First of all, the most realistic and closest to production the Honda AC-X (new Accord?) which should also be revealed to the Los Angeles Auto Show. A plug-in hybrid sedan that will compete with the Prius Plug-in. We find the new Honda design discovered with the new NSX on the set of "The Avengers".


- Then a concept that has no other name that “Small Sports EV Concept” for the moment, an evocation of a future micro sports car that would be available with an electric powertrain.


- "Micro Commuter Concept," a micro city car to compete with the, Twizy, Smart ED and other concepts presented in the Frankfurt Auto Show it welcomes the "Motor Compo" to facilitate intermodality.


- Motor Compo is a concept of practical and fun electric scooter with a cool design and a removable battery.


- Then, last but not least the RC-E, an electric bike that unfortunately wasn’t at the EICMA show where it would have caused trouble among the electric two-wheelers. The RC-E is a super sport bike that emphasize the driving experience and seems to be very close to a production model ...


-For the curious, the last two vehicles E-Canopy and TownWalker are a 3 wheel covered scooter and a mobility aid

Finally, note the presence on the show of the N-Concept a micro vehicle, not shown in this release but whose the first production model, the N Box will be launched there.
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