Doking XD, the hot electric microsupercar heading to the LA AutoShow (XD2-XD4)

Doking, an Hungarian company specialized in advanced engineering and electric vehicles, including demining and firefighting robots, wants to show to the world its ability to offer a high-end electric vehicle.

We discovered this microcar -then presented as a concept car, the XD-Concept- in Geneva last year, at the time, the specs were already intriguing, with 103hp, 360 Nm of torque and 0 to 100kph in 7.7 seconds.

Doking_XD (8).jpg

Now enhanced with two-tenths less (7.5seconds) and a few additional horse power, you could think that this is what we call microsupercar… But this is not the case, this model is now called the XD2, a version with two electric motors and there is the XD4 that receives four 45kW motors, enough to catapult the three passengers from 0 to 100kph in 4.2 seconds!

Doking_XD (2).jpg

Their speed is limited to 140kph, which must be slightly frustrating when it is reached in less than 10 seconds ...

After a presentation on the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 Doking XD continues its world tour and will exhibit at the Salon in Los Angeles in American premiere.

Doking_XD (2).jpg

No price has been disclosed for now, but based on the performances of the vehicle and the brand’s slogan "Driving First Class" the Doking XD won’t be cheap....

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