Tesla Model X: revealed by year-end, idea about its price and first deliveries from 2013

In a letter to its investors, Tesla gave an update on the development of the Model X and confirmed that they were in time for a reveal this year.

About its design: the Model X will provide the functionality of an MPV (minivan) with “cool” SUV lines.

The Model X is confirmed to be a four-wheel drive vehicles.
Its architecture and technology being based on the Model S, Tesla Motors will be able to put it quickly on the market with first deliveries expected in 2013. 
Volumes should ramp up to 10,000-15,000 units by 2014, it will be built on the same production line as the Model S in Fremont.

Finally its price will be comparable to the Model S (from € 55,000 in Europe).

“Model X can be brought to production quickly for first customer deliveries in late 2013, with volumes ramping to 10,000—15,000 units per year beginning in 2014, and at prices comparable to Model S.”

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