(VIDEO) EICMA 2011: Volta BCN electric motorbikes to steal the show! (City-Sport-MyVolta)

Electric motorcycles (and even more beautiful ones) are so rare that the discovery of promising units such as Volta Motorbikes’ is always a great pleasure.

This is a preview ... After the presentation of the prototype last May, the Spanish company Volta Motorbikes will reveal the final versions of the Volta BCN during Milan 2 wheeler show the EICMA starting November 8th.

The BCN gets its name from an agreement with the Spanish city of Barcelona who wishes to become an example in terms of sustainable mobility.

Several versions of the BCN will be offered, three in total, with the same engine but different aesthetic and finishes.

BCN City

BCN Sport

And the BCN My Volta (customizable)

As the prototype presented a few months ago the bike is nicely finished and functional, it features a trunk that accommodates a helmet, a charging socket for mobile phone and applications specially developed.

About its specs, we know that the BCN will offer a 35hp engine and a range of 70km thanks to a Lithium Polymer battery that recharges in two hours on 220V... And for a price estimated at € 7000!

Pre-booking will open during the fair with first deliveries scheduled for the Spanish market.

Stay tuned, more info will come as we get closer to the Eicma.

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