Pinifarina presents a bus hybrid conversion, Hybus (1.3jtd hybrid)

Based on a 1994 490 Iveco bus at the Euro 1 standard, Pininfarina, in partnership with GTT, FAAM and Magneti Marelli has managed to develop a diesel hybrid bus that meets the Euro 5 standard.

Greener as it recycles old polluting buses, and cheaper, the conversion cost 60% less expensive than buying a new hybrid bus... It's an ecobus special crisis!


In practice, this bus is powered by a 1.3 Mutli-jet 69kW (94hp) engine coupled to a Magnetti Marelli electric generator.

The Hybus receives two electric motors, a lithium ion battery fitted by FAAM and the braking energy regeneration technology. Everything is integrated in a reviewed architecture that keeps weight distribution and identical weight.

Outside the body is refreshed, and the interior is updated.

One crucial point isn’t revealed though, the range of the Hybus with this setup...

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