Fisker’s bad Karma… 11.8l per100km (20mpg)!

The news just landed from the U.S. certification agency, after a further delay of the vehicle’s first deliveries awaiting for the result, the EPA announced 20mpg or 11.8l per 100km for the Fisker Karma, with the range extender alone ... And an electric range of 51.5km with its 20kWh battery!


It is true that with such power it was unrealistic to expect some frugality...
Its 2.0 turbo provided by GM develops 260hp used as a generator it powers 2 electric motors for a total output of 403hp.

In combined use with recharged batteries that score goes down to 4.5l/100km (52mpg).

This news is not going to help the sales of this range extender sedan.
They’re probablt already looking forward the arrival of BMW engines, just like us!

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