(VIDEO) An electric car faster than a Ferrari FXX! (eGon RS)

WHZ Racing Team is a structure created by students at the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau. 
Founded in 2006, the following year they had already developed their first vehicle to participate in the competition "Formula Student".
We are now in the sixth generation (FP511e) and the second electric one.

Developed by 60 students, the weight and stiffness are optimized with an aluminum and carbon structure, even the wheels are made of carbon!

The characteristics of the RS version, which is here challenging an FXX on a 50m standing start are not known but those of the “basic” version already give an idea... 
With its lightweight and four-wheel drive: 60kW of power (81.5hp) on the back and 14kW (19hp) on the front, the 800hp of the Ferrari are insufficient, at least in the acceleration phase.
However the range of the eGon is unknown.


To make it more fair, the eGon RS even leaves a few seconds ahead to this poor FXX, leaving it some time to find a little grip ...

This vehicle will be exhibited during the eCarTec fair in Munich (which opens today), an exhibition that has already announced its 2012 edition in Portes de Versailles Paris.

Maybe the eGon is the electric F1 we expect!?

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