(VIDEO) Electric plane: Hy-Bird-e by Lisa Airplanes

After revealing the production version of its first model, the Akoya, Lisa Airplanes confirms to work on an electric version of its leisure aircraft (LSA)

Vanessa Troillard Marketing Manager at Lisa Airplanes confirms the plans (already announced in 2009) of this innovative French company that wants to offer more than just a combustion engine version and will develop two technology demonstrator, two prototypes

_The Project Apache an hydrogen aircraft (fuel cell) and fitted with photovoltaic panels. Apache project is managed by Helion (a subsidiary of Areva). The biggest challenge, resist to the inclinations and vibrations.

_But also a 100% electric version, the Hy-Bird-e: a 65kW motor (88ch) powers the aircraft and its Lithium Polymer battery provides a range of 1 to 2 hours at a speed of 200kph.


The first deliveries of the Akoya are planned for 2012 at a price of € 300,000 and the first tests of electric and hydrogen version scheduled for 2013.

These tests will help Lisa Airplanes to move forward with the best solution
"For the moment, we are not convinced that fuel cells will give us better performances than the batteries. We await the results of the different tests to determine whether we will use the fuel cell in the Hy-Bird-e and how."  Vanessa Troillard

Awaiting the electric version here is a recent video presentation of the elegant and versatile Akoya.

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