Electric bike: Grace MX and Grace Easy, two novelties for the German brand

While in terms of style they hold “the top of pavement” from the start, Grace’s bicycles remained relatively heavy and expensive.

They keep on innovating at higher sppeds than their competitors and after the launch of the One, last March, they just released what 2012 should bring (the right chemistry) two new releases + a new version of the One (Urban), models that are cheaper, lighter and more performant... But also more accessible, a strategy initiated with the One, that is available from € 3,999 (half price compared to the first model, the Pro)

Grace Mx:
Cross version, it is going to compete with KTM, Winora and Haibike production, release expected by the end of April 2012. Available in Pedelec and S Pedelec with maximum speeds of 25 or 45kph, it is powered by a Bosch Drive Unit, and features a NuVinci N360 transmission (seen recently with the Moustache Bikes), and a Gates Carbondrive, it weights 23kg and has a range of up to 145km.
Price from € 3299
Grace Easy:
Superb, very clean, with Stromer looks (it uses the same location of the battery that becomes removable). It is also available in Pedelec or S Pedelec (25 or 45kph), has a belt Gates Carbon Drive, three-speed hub, to provide up to 90 km of range with only 19kg.
It is fitted with the BionX technology, and should be released in March 2012 from € 2,999.
(In comparison the Grace One weighted 30kg...)

About the third one, few information is available ... But most of the novelty is in its frame more functional.

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