(VIDEO) Blue Hydrogen by Air Liquide : demonstration of FCEV in France

While the race to electric vehicles is launched, Air Liquide recalled earlier this week that there are viable alternatives, a “mature” technology according to the company officials.

At the Marcoussis race track was held the largest gathering of hydrogen vehicles in France, this event was an opportunity to present a greener hydrogen called BlueHydrogen.

Used in a fuel cell hydrogen (produced from natural gas) can power a vehicle, with water as only byproduct. However the production of this hydrogen is still polluting, Air Liquide presented a solution with its BlueHydrogen, which is obtained with the use of renewable energy: water electrolysis and reforming of biogas. The CO2 emitted during the production is in turn captured and stored.


12 vehicles were presented on the race track, here are some information and their specs sheet:

Opel HydroGen4
Intelligent Energy Taxi Black Cab, which offers 400 km of range
Note that the only French vehicle was a Peugeot 307CC (FiSyPAC) originally presented in 2009 by PSA. It has a 13kWh battery that provides 75km of range and the fuel cell is used as range extender for a combined range of 500km.

Still not for tomorrow? Thanks to their refill time and sufficient autonomy, from 400 to 800km, the fuel cell vehicles could be a viable solution on long journeys...

However in France there is 0 stations and nothing is planned for the moment on the medium to long term unlike some European Countries...

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