Renault receives ZE order (15,600 electric Kangoos)

Following the call for bids launched by the UGAP more than a year ago, the first orders of electric vehicles have been assigned, and Renault emerges as the big winner with more than half of the total units, 15,600 vehicles.

Out of these as many as 10,000 electric Kangoo will go to the French Post, with deliveries starting by year end and untill 2015.

A next "batch" of 3900 vehicles should be assigned to Peugeot-Citroen (PSA) while the last one, 3000 compact cars for EDF 3000, is expected to be “played” between Bolloré, Mia Electric and Ford.

With 5000 units, the French government representents 1/5 of this 25000 units that is managed by the UGAP, the other units will be acquired by public and private companies (La Poste, EDF, Veolia).

Here are some figures that will boost the sales of EVs that are still very low this year with less than a 1000.

Via AFP / Le Figaro

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