(VIDEO) EVTEC: fast charging becomes simple

Recharging an electric vehicle is one of the main obstacle to the large scale deployment of this type of mobility. First you have to know where to plug but then and mostly you’ve must have some time, a lot of time, 6 to 8 hours in average on a house hold plug….

However, there is a solution, fast charging, that requires a specific and expensive installation to get 380V three-phase.
That was until now, the Swiss company EVtec presents a mobile unit that plugs into a standard outlet and delivers a high-intensity direct current (60A) to your car for greatly reduced charging time, up to 6 times faster on the Peugeot ion and Citroen C-Zero, for example, half an hour is enough to recharge up to 80%!

We can easily imagine what it could bring to this industry ... Just equip some gas stations or parkings with it and the charging network is there!

EVTEC’s team of engineers presents it as an adapter between your vehicle and the infrastructure, "move&plug&play”.

This charger is compatible Protoscar’s vehicles (that can be seen in the video) but also the Nissan Leaf and the trio iMiEV, Ion and C-Zero. No price has been announced yet.


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