Frankfurt 2011: Infiniti unveils the first sketches of an electric sedan (EV)

Infiniti, already known for its hybrid technology – fitted to the M35h which is on sale since this year in the United States and Europe - and that will soon be presented in their compact-car, the Etherea. The brand confirms this week the rumors of the arrival of an electric vehicle (article of August 9th).

The Japanese brand continues its development towards a greener mobility and follows the steps of its parent company Nissan with an electric sedan that will likely be developed from the Nissan Leaf.

Here is the outline of what will be their first electric car.

Announced for 2014, it will be directly inspired by Infiniti’s current range: a mix of sportiness, style, and performances. All combined in an premium electric sedan welcoming 5 passengers.

Via Infiniti / Article by H. Le Flanchec
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