(VIDEO) Electric Scooter: BMW Concept-E

After a concept first introduced on July 1st, the E-Scooter.

BMW offers us at the Frankfurt Motor Show the Concept-E, a version without camouflage and more achieved. 
This is their vision of the future of mobility on two wheels with a powerful electric scooter, innovative in terms of design, technology and creativity.

BMW_electric_scooter_e-scooter (8).jpg

Even without the badges BMW, anyone could recognize it as a product of the Bavarian brand.  
BMW presents this concept as the innovative product of the BMW Motorrad branch, which announces the arrival of electricmobility solutions.

BMW_electric_scooter_e-scooter (6).jpg

With its BMW pedigree, it might soon become one of the most desirable electric two-wheelers, an effective and efficient urban transportation, with its electric motor, its driving comfort and innovative design.

Article by H. Le Flanchec // Via BMW
Par Technologic Vehicles
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