(VIDEO) S-Walker, the Segway’s competitor, available in 2012 at 2500 €!

The Segway, a one-person electric vehicle equipped with gyroscopes, it is mainly used for walks, excursions, sightseeing or by private companies.

Up to now, Segway had a monopoly on this market because no one managed to achieve the same level usability and performances. But, despite being innovative, the Segway is bulky, heavy and mostly expensive... While the S-Walker is much less expensive! 

For the moment we havn’t managed to track back the brand or company that initiated the project (to assess the credibility of the product and announced release) but they have at least one working prototype and that’s already something!

The S-Walker works just like a Segway, and it may conquer some market shares, mostly with individuals thanks to a much more attractive price…

For once, this Chinese product will be launched first in Europe by mid-2012 and cost € 2,500, or almost a third of the Segway i2.

The data sheet of this prototype has not yet been revealed but the final version is expected to reach 30kph without problems, however no information about its range has been revealed.

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