Bristol Cars, a plug-in hybrid for 2013?

Could the new automotive technologies revive the myth of the "English" automobile?
After Lightning Car Company, Westfield, Delta Motorsport, Jaguar and more recently the reveal of the K1 Evolio, English brands (whether independent or not ...) strive to give a soul to the green sports-cars, and we don’t complain!

Here is a new rebirth ,the one of Bristol Cars.
Now owned by Kamkorp Autocraft, a subsidiary of Frazer-Nash, the brand has just revealed that they are about to launch a plug-in hybrid sports-car fitted with a range extender.

Frazer Nash is known for having developed a range extender technology, and already showed its interest for impressive technology demonstrators such as the Namir presented few years ago ...

Frazer Nash Namir.jpg

Frazer Nash’s technology promises an efficiency of 97% between the engine and the wheels, eliminating the losses associated to the gearbox.

The new Bristol would be a 4-seater 4WD vehicle with a performance target of 200mph (323km / h).
On the consumption side, its rotary Wankel petrol engine which serves as a generator and runs at a constant speed of 3500 rpm’s takes 2.35 l per 100km (100mpg).

It is fitted with two separate electric powertrains, one on the front and one in the rear, (+ independent wheels) the motors are powered by a 14kWh battery pack.

This supercar will be built based on an existing chassis, negotiations with a manufacturer are underway.

So, for you, a price estimation for this hybrid Bristol: rather Fisker Karma, SLS E-Cell or up to the Jaguar CX-75 and 918 Spyder?

And for the record here are some examples of what Bristol Cars looked like.

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