Efficiency: the new Audi 1.8 TFSI engine, 170hp and 134g/km

This completely redesigned engine block will be installed in the facelifted Audi A5, it delivers 170HP and 320Nm of torque.

Fitted in the Coupe version of the A5, it reaches 100kph in 7.9 seconds and achieves a top speed of 230kph for emissions of only 134g/km!

A record for a petrol engine of equivalent power, and with 5.7 l/100km consumption is reduced by 21% compared to the old engine block.

It receives a new turbocharger and uses direct injection, but also indirect injection, fuel is injected at the inlet manifold and helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This engine meets the Euro 6 standards that will get into force only in 2015...

The innovative thermal management of the four-cylinder engine features a new fully electronic coolant regulation system.

The thermal management of the four cylinder is operated by an electronic coolant regulation system which reduces the warming up time in cold starts, the system itself allows to save 2.5g/km.

Some special work has also been done to reduce the internal frictions thanks to a new “innovative coating” of the piston skirts.

Eventually Audi managed to combine all these changes to a weight reduction of the engine with for instance the use of alloys and aluminum.

Via Audi

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