(VIDEO) European electric rallye, e-Miglia day one

Announced since March 30, the 2011 edition of the most demanding electric rallye in Europe began yesterday, the program of this edition, 31 vehicles: C-Zero, Electric RaceAbout, eMini, e-M3, eRuf, i-MiEV, iON, Jetcar, Mega Van, Nissan Leaf, Raleigh Dover, Smart, Stromos, Tesla, Think, Tazzari, Twike. And participants from seven countires.


Start from Munich and first stop in Oberaudorf

As we explained on May 6, each stage of the rally covers an average distance of 200km through the mountains, therefore it is necessary to recharge the vehicles at mid-day.

Ranking at the end of the first day: several criteria are taken into account, with the arrival of energy consumption this year.
Tim Ruhoff, titleholder of the 2010 edition is leading: "My chances are good, we've trained a lot, we have a good vehicle and we're optimally prepared."

1. Tim Ruhoff, Team Energiebau/NextGM, Tesla
2. Kurt Sigl, Team Bundesverband eMobilität, Tesla
3. Michael Huhn, Sonnenpflücker Racingteam, Citroen C-Zero
4. Lars Krüger, Team Jetcar, Jetcar
5. Fuzzy Walter Kofler, Team Autotest Motorsport, Think City

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