(VIDEO) The E-RA of the Helsinki University laps the Nurburgring

We spotted this prototype of electric sports at the Automotive X Prize last year. Developed by students at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences the design of the E-RA, or Electric RaceAbout, is much nicer than most of the ones big manufacturers achieve (we love the front and rear ends, while the side would deserve a little more work) and its specifications are eloquent: carbon monocoque structure, 0 to 100kph in 6 seconds and a top speed of 200kph.

E-RA_Helsinki (2).jpgE-RA_Helsinki (3).jpg

Since then, the car continues its development and has been presented in various events including the Michelin Bibendum Challenge in May and a few days ago "on the way to the rally e-Miglia ... " the E-RA laped the Nurburgring!

The only prototype is tested rudely and manages to achieve a lap in 9min36 seconds, not so far from the record held by the electric Peugeot EX1 (9min01)

And although the video does not really shows it, the pilot must have some reserve because it is hard to imagine that after two years of work from the team let the prototype be wrecked… Very promising then!

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