17euros parking ticket in France: what if the easiest way of fighting fraud was to ease the payment process!

Developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, the technology called VIATAG is based on 10cm long and 1,5cm wide microchip that is placed on the windshield of your car.


More convenient, faster and more eco-friendly, it has been designed for parkings. The chip does not store information but sends it to a central server via a 12 digit encrypted identification (RFID) using an ultra high radio frequency (UHF).

This wireless technology enables the secure online payment with a personal account and a monthly billing, the user can track the amounts via an application.

For added security this chip self-destructs if removed from the windshield, so no problem in case of theft

The inventors are already considering some applications for rental companies, gas stations and even drive-in ...
‘Waiting at the parking machine, searching for change, losing your ticket — all that is a thing of the past,’ Arnd Ciprina project manager.

The first tests of this technology developed for the company MotionID are being held now in three German cities Essen, Duisburg and Munich.

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