(VIDEO) Official: reveal of the BMW i3 and BMW i8, first images and specs

During a press conference today and before a public reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show in  September, BMW has unveiled details and specs on its range of electric vehicles "i" to be launched in 2013 with the i3

BMW i3, launch in 2013

-4 seater
-150 km of range
-Back wheel drive
-125kW (170hp) electric motor
-Carbon fiber passenger cell (CFRP) called LifeDrive
-Weight of 1250kg
-Trunk of 200 liters
-0 to 100kph in 8 seconds
-Fast charge to 80% in one hour

BMW i8 launch in 2014

-Plug-in hybrid sports-car a petrol three cylinder engine
-4 seater
-0 to100kph under 5 seconds
-Fuel consumption of less than 3l per100km
-Combined power of 260kW (353hp)
-35km range in full electric
-Maximum speed limited to 250kph

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