(VIDEO) Smartie Bike: an original and compact folding bike

The James Dyson Award is a competition launched last year by the James Dyson Foundation, whose primary function is to stimulate and help young designers at the international level.
The 2011 edition promises interesting surprises : 

Proposed by an English, here's the Smartie Bike, a folding bike fitted with a large back wheel that houses the rest of the bike’s structure when folded, to look like a shell with clean design. 


Designed on the principle of solid wheels, for maximum protection and lightweight, shells of the wheel are made of carbon fiber, the tire is placed on one of them, the front part of the bike is more conventional and takes place, like the saddle, inside the shell. When closed, it looks like a suitcase on wheels with an original design. 


Pure concept, the pictures shown do not represent the final product in terms of accessorization. 
A design that meets urban needs, portability, small size and a belt driven wheel for minimum maintenance. 
A first prototype was built to perform initial tests and validation of the concept, a second will follow shortly. 


If you’re a talented designer, there is only four days remaining to submit your project! 

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