Brompton Dock: a pilot project offers self-service folding bikes in Guildford, UK

Brompton has launched a full-scale test, with the Brompton Dock where 40 famous english folding bikes are available to rent.


Much more elegant than the french "Velibs" and mostly foldable for a greater flexibility of use, you can carry it with you in the train or put it in the trunk of your car for example…

The Brompton Dock, tested in partnership with SouthWestTrains, is fully automated and allows to rent a bike 24/7 with a membership card (annual cost of £ 50)


The rental cost varies according to the use:
-Monthly rentals, £ 1.6  per day 
-Over a week, £ 2 per day
-Day rental £ 4 per day
When you return the bike to the Brompton Dock, your usage is calculated and you will be billed each month
Here is a good initiative and especially a good way to showcase the versatility of these bikes... 

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