Electrolyte, the first electric bikes with a vintage and classy look

Electrolyte is a German company specialized in the design and manufacturing of electric bicycles and achieved to give them a classic and classy look, thanks to a compact battery cleverly placed on the frame.

Three models: Straßenfeger ("street sweeper") Bürohengst ("office stallion"), Düsenjäger ("Jet Fighter") 

Cultivating the exclusivity production is very limited: 

-The Straßenfeger is a single speed fitted with a 36Volt and 2.6Ah battery, thanks to its aluminum frame and battery pack weighing only 1.3 kg, the total weight of the bike stands at only 11.8 kg. 
120 bikes produced per year and priced at € 3190.


The Electrolyte principle is to have a power boost at a red light for example, the 250Watt motor is activated by a button "turbo", used continuously, the autonomy is 15km, due to EU legislation, speed is limited a 25km / h 

-Equipped with the same technology but with titanium frames and a different chassis and accessorizing, production of the models Bürohengst and Düsenjäger (10.1 kg) is limited to only 12 units per year, prices are on request…


Via Electrolyte 

Par Technologic Vehicles
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