Obvio 828h, the ethanol-electric hybrid car from Brazil

Backed by the investment fund Cappadocia based in England, the company Obvio! has developed a vehicle that is the result of an Anglo-Brazilian partnership, the Obvio! 828h.

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Designed by Anisio Campos, this compact three-seater is available in full electric or plug-in hybrid with a range extender running on ethanol.

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While the ethanol fuel and green resin monocoque body "Envirolite" (where vegetable oil take the place of petrol) are the Brazilian touch, the English one is found first in the colors of the vehicle but also and especially in its engine developed by English engineers (in collaboration with Brazilian engineers).

Obvio828h (2).png

Two engines will be offered 75kW (102HP) or 150kW (204HP) to achieve the 0 to 100kph in four seconds, and two modes of propulsion, full electric with supercapacitors and a range from 200 to 400 km or hybrid with a range extender engine fuelled with ethanol.

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Ultracapacitors recharge in about 4 hours on 220V or 80% in 45 minutes on 450V, the 828h is also fitted with the wireless charging technology from Halo IPT.

Still under development, for the moement, the cost of this high-end electric city car is estimated between 150,000 and 200,000 BRL, between 67,000 and € 90,000...

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