Halo IPT and Drayson Racing working on dynamic charging

Halo IPT is a New Zealander company that has developed an inductive charging technology that opens the door to many applications. Drayson Racing sees an opportunity in dynamic charging during race, therefore, the two companies have signed a partnership to install this technology on cars and race tracks.

In fact the co-founder of Drayson Racing is Lord Paul Drayson, the former British Minister for Science and Innovation, and has a green R & D department specially created to work on new technologies.

The technology developed by Halo IPT is particularly suitable because of its tolerance to misalignment and the possibility of a transfer of energy regardless of speed.

The ultimate goal is to develop an affordable and practical technology for the race track and cars, thus removing the need for heavy batteries, but also to serve as a technology demonstrator that could lead to larger scale deployments such as the street or on motorways...

“Dynamic wireless charging will be a real game-changer, enabling zero emission electric vehicles to race over long periods without the need for heavy batteries. Motor racing is the ideal environment to fast-track the development of this promising technology and to prove its effectiveness. This is a milestone innovation that will have a dramatic effect not just on racing but on the mainstream auto industry. We’re looking forward to putting this technology through its paces as it charges electric race cars at speeds of up to 200 mph.” Lord Paul Drayson

Via Drayson Racing
Par Technologic Vehicles
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