Leo Motors reveals its electric motorcycle Eleven and technology fuel cell Zinc-Air

Leo Motors is a Korean company that has big ambitions, after announcing the arrival of the electric supercar LZ-1, which is intended as a competitor to the Tesla they just revealed the first drawings of an electric performance motorcycle, the Eleven.

Equipped with a 15kW engine developing a 20hp output the bike achieves a top speed over 225kph while its battery offers almost 100km of range. Its structure is made of carbon and aluminum.
But apart from the bike itself, the optional propulsion system is particularly interesting, this is a in-house developed technology, a Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC), to refill you just use Zinc balls!

In fact, this fuel cell acts as a generator that powers the batteries, production costs are reduced by 40% compared with Lithium Polymer batteries. Zinc is one of the most abundant minerals on earth and its price is much lower than oil.


Leo Motors is the only company to have successfully developed a reliable technology that allows driving with zero emissions without charging time.

No fewer than 56 patents were filed by Leo Motors, and they’ve just announced a $6 million deal to open the access their patents to the company SRDLS (Shenzhen Li Rui Da Shebei) in a memorandum of understanding.

Via Leo Motors
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