Dragos Prodan reveals a hybrid sports car concept: the Alfa Giulia GT

After the arrival of the Mito and the return of the Giulietta we could dream of the return of the Giulia.

Dragos Prodan has imagined it for us with a concept that is both modern technologically and aesthetically, while remaining faithful to the historical design codes of the brand. The result is a sporty and eco-friendly 2 +2 coupe inspired by the beautiful Giulia Sprint GT from 66.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-GT-hybrid (5).jpg

Equipped with a 80kW (109hp) electric motor 80kW and a MultiAir petrol engine for a combined output of 293hp, the Giulia GT is an hybrid with range extender: the gasoline engine can be used to supplement the electric motor for more performance or as a generator when the batteries are discharged.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-GT-hybrid (5).jpg

The 469cm long, 183cm wide and 149cm high hybrid coupé comes with a 30 kWh battery which is placed behind the rear seats.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-GT-hybrid (5).jpg

High-tech solutions are adopted for the body: the windows are in polycarbonate while the bumpers and the roof are polymers reinforced in carbon fiber.

Via Coroflot
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