U.S. government grants $ 7 million to the development of batteries for EV

The U.S. Department of energy (DOE) and its branch NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) recently awarded three industry teams a total of $ 7 million over three years to help in the development of computer assisted design tools to develop the next generation of battery.

These three teams are:
-EC Power, Penn State University, Johnson Controls Inc., and Ford
-General Motors, ANSYS, and ESim
-CD-adapco, Battery Design LLC, A123 Systems, and Johnson Controls-Saft.

The objective is to allow a faster development of batteries and at lower cost by focusing on four main subjects:
-Developing battery engineering tools to design cells and battery packs
-Shortening the battery prototyping and manufacturing processes
-Improving overall battery performance, safety, and battery life
-Reducing battery costs.

Selected teams are contributing on a similar amount to this project estimated at 14 million over three years.


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