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Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford: alliances and big projects on the market of the electric motor car

The manufacturers Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford and BMW are dynamic on the electric motor car market. Why ? Thanks to a recent partnership to develop charging stations for electric cars and others innovative...

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Noordung Angel Edition: Is e-bike perfection

We like to introduce you to high-end electric bicycles both for their technology or style with designs always more elegant or inventive .. Here, clearly, we are at the top of the top at all levels!     The...

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Lucid Motors 1000hp and 130kWh to overtake the Tesla Model S

Update of November 9th article with the first official images of the car Many new players are entering the electric mobility market, driven by Tesla's success and the prospects of this growing market....

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(VIDEO) Gac EnLight, an electric supercar with butterfly doors

While earlier this week we were presenting the prototype of Lucid Motors, an electric sports sedan, here is another concept of electric sportscar coming from Asia! Founded in 2008 - GAC (Ghangzhou Automobile...

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(VIDEO) Autonomous UBERs starts testing in San Francisco

We talked about it in September, UBER is preparing a fleet of "driverless" vehicles, more specifically the Volvo XC90. For the demonstration, UBER has just posted a video that announces the installation...

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