Premium electric sedan, the race is on!

Update of August 22nd article with Mercedes that also enters the race! While Tesla continues to flow some Model S all over the world, manufacturers and entrepreneurs start the chase on the segment of...

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New Toyota Prius 2016 - first images!

Update of August 29th article with the first official images of the Prius but for now and until the September 15th reveal at the IAA no info on the specs-sheet! While the world premiere of the new Toyota...

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Peugeot_Fractal (5).jpeg

(VIDEO) Peugeot Fractal, a 100% electric hardtop convertible

Yesterday we revealed the first images of Peugeot's Fractal concept-car that will be presented by the brand at the 2015 Frankfurt IAA, and surprise, it is not a plug-in hybrid but a 100% electric!     Indeed...

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(VIDEO) C4 Cactus + Mehari revealed: Cactus M

Finally, here are the first pictures of the Cactus M, the flagship concept-car from Citroën at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, this is an outdoor version of the C4 Cactus.   Cactus M exterior design Admittedly...

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Sine_Cycles (4).jpg

(VIDEO) Sinecycle, a superb Chopper electric motorcycle with Zero Motorcycles powertrain

The Swiss Bruno Forcella wanted a special bike and decided to put a Zero Motorcycles powertrain in a chopper frame and the result, the first Sine Cycles, is very tempting!     Instead of spending...

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ETT a desirable laser-cut electric scooter from New Zealand!

We just discovered the 8ight - that will be renamed ETT soon by the way - a sleek and design electric scooter, it can be summed-up by a battery pack and components housed in an aluminum laser-cut case...

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Saxxx_MadAssE (2).jpg

The MadAss gets electric - Saxxx MadAss E!

While we presented just a few hours ago the concept of electric scooter ETT, it seems that the fall is pushing the launch of electric two wheelers... as the EV market gains foothold!     You may know...

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Plug-in hybrid BMWs arriving in Frankfurt – 330e and 225xe

BMW already sells plug-in hybrids and electric cars such as the i8 or the X5 XDrive40e, they decided to accelerate and complete the electrification of the range with the 3 Series sedan 330e and compact...

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Toyota Midget concept a Yaris hybrid heart with a racer soul

While the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will host the world premiere of the new Prius 2016 for the Tokyo Motor Show the Nippon brand will reveal a concept of micro hybrid sportscar!     This concept-car...

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(VIDEO) Green-classic, the FluxCapacitor is the fastest electric car in Europe!

This happens in England, the English automotive journalist and presenter Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear) gave himself a challenge, turn a small electric car sold in the 70s, the Enfield 8000, to a record beater...

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