Audi Sport Quattro, the plug-in hybrid supercar arrives in Frankfurt

Update of August 14th article with a new image and official figuresPresented under the R10 or Scorpio code name, rumors about a hybrid supercar for Audi are getting louder as the 2013 IAA approaches. Indeed,...

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(VIDEO) Opel Monza Concept: a large electric coupe with range extender

Opel has revealed further details of its star for the 2013 IAA, the Opel Monza is a large coupe based on a range extender technology derived from the Ampera - as we envisioned at the presentation of the...

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(VIDEo) IAA 2013: specs of the 420hp 4WD hybrid Yaris! (Hybrid-R)

After a teaser and a first sketch of the car that Toyota will premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the brand has just revealed more details on their boosted hybrid Yaris, the Yaris Hybrid-R, including...

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(VIDEO) IAA 2013: VW e-Golf and e-Up electric mobility in city or compact sedan versions

Update of August 28 article with videos of the carsThey were announced for the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, VW already unveils its two first series electric cars, the e-Up an electric city-car but also the...

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Renault Twizy to face some english born competiton (T25 and T27 city-car)

The brilliant designer/inventor Gordon Murray sold the plans of his micro city-cars T25 and T27 to an anonymous manufacturer, for a launch expected within two to three years!The former director of McLaren...

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The Smart Roadster is back – as a Chinese copy with an hybrid engine

The Chinese manufacturer Sichuan Yema or Yema Auto just revealed a new vehicle on the Chengdu Motor Show, which opened its doors last weekend. The Yema Auto M72 Hybrid Sports Coupe undoubtedly recalls...

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(VIDEO) VT Pampaluminic: an electric bike prototype from an industrial designer

The electric bike that we present is a demonstration of know-how from young Argentine industrial designers Juan Francisco Tibaldi Camoletto and Elian Vranicich.Rather than electrifying an existing bicycle...

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(VIDEO) The 2013 Citroen Cactus: an urban crossover with HybridAir powertrain

The name Cactus had been used in 2007 by Citroën, more specifically C-Cactus.For the Frankfurt Motor Show the brand has decided to update their vision and fit the new flagship powertrain, the Hybrid-Air...

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(VIDEO) IAA 2013: Smart FourJoy, preview of the new ForFour in a Crossblade way!

Smart’s Concept designed for the Frankfurt announces the return of a four seater Smart with an architecture that can welcome an electric motor on the basis of the current ForTwo ED powertrain.Indeed, this...

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(VIDEO) Lexus LF-NX, the hybrid compact crossover coming to Frankfurt

Lexus had announced a new concept for the Frankfurt Motor Show with a first teaser but without giving more details or even a name, here are the first images of the LF-NX Crossover Concept which will be...

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